2021 Update

We at WHIPHockey hope you and your family are all well. We realize that we are not in any better shape this season than we were last year but we are very hopeful that WHIPHockey 4 on 4 will be able to operate it's 12th season at some point in the coming months.

We are currently in discussions with Stouffville and Aurora townships to secure ice. They, like us are in a wait and see mode to observe how this lockdown and vaccine rollout will effect the safety of play in the coming months.

To operate, our league will need the ‘allowable occupancy numbers’ to reach 50 people. Soon, we will be opening online registration (without required payment) and once we receive confirmation of ice, we’ll then require payment to hold your child’s place.

With the hunger to play, we are expecting that many leagues to fill quickly! So please register once we send the email stating online registration is open. To those families that chose not receive a refund from last season, your spots are secured.

Changes for upcoming 12th Season

  • Team and single entries Stouffville and Aurora.
  • 11 player min. 13 player max. per team.
  • Player cost $340.00 plus tax (payment due upon ice confirmation).
  • 10 games - Jersey's and socks will be included.