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League Rules and Operation/Coaching Protocols

League Rules

  • All Whip Hockey is non contact 

  • All Penalties are served via "penalty shot with chasers", with all pucks being live unless the goalie holds the puck for a face off.

  • No icing rule in place

  • Offsides are called when the tag up rule isn't in play.

  • Any clear intent to injure a player results in a season suspension (Decided by WHIP Hockey Officials)

  • Fighting results in a season suspension (Decided by WHIP Hockey Officials), In addition a lifetime ban will be implemented.

  • All Referee decisions are final.

Shootout (Tie Breaker) Rules (no games end in a tie)

  • Best out of 3

  • If still tied, shoot out continues until a team scores.

  • Must be a different shooter everytime until roster is exhausted, cycle will then start again.



  • We ask on Opening day that, 2 parents offer to help on the bench and in the room every week to organize the players. In the traditional league we enforce the best method for 4 on 4 hockey, which is, "Count to 4 and open the door, 4 out and 4 in" .This helps to ensure equal ice.

  • We ask that you always make sure the goalie is present and if you are under 8 skaters, please ask when possible for players from the previous game to play again. Less than 8 makes for a less than competitive game.

  • Whip Hockey supplies Pucks for the 3 min warmup. We ask that you leave the pucks on the bench for the next games.



  • To all teams without a team name (just a color or teams called team WHIP) these are teams made up from single sign ups and we ask that, 2 parents offer to help with game organization in the room and on the bench

  • To the parents who have contacted me about helping with teams please announce on opening day in the room that you are willing to coach and ask if someone is willing to help.


Stouffville Arenas, Opening Protocol Information Sheet 


WHIP General Season Information