Upcoming Traditional Schedule

Game TimeDivisionHomeAwayArena
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 9:00 AMU7BlackGreyCC - Acton 1
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 9:15 AMU9Whip CreamWax ON Wax OFFCC - Acton 2
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 10:00 AMU11WhippersnappersGreenCC - Acton 1
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 10:15 AMU9Stouffville WhippersWax ON Wax OFFCC - Acton 2
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 11:00 AMU11GreyFortisCC - Acton 1
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 11:15 AMU9Whipping ButtsRink RatsCC - Acton 2
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 12:00 PMU13GreenTape BallsCC - Acton 1
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 12:15 PMU15GreenWhiteCC - Acton 2
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 1:00 PMU13GreyTeam RichCC - Acton 1
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 1:15 PMU15Mighty PucksZambroniesCC - Acton 2
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 2:00 PMU13BlackSnipersCC - Acton 1
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 2:15 PMU15BlackSharp ShootersCC - Acton 2
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 3:00 PMU13_GIRLSWhiteBlackCC - Acton 1
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 3:15 PMU18Billy GoatsRedCC - Acton 2
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 4:00 PMU13_GIRLSThousand PucksRedCC - Acton 1
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 4:15 PMU18PredatorsTriple Eh'sCC - Acton 2
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 5:00 PMU15_GIRLSBlackWhiteCC - Acton 1
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 5:15 PMU18BlackTeam WhipCC - Acton 2
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 6:00 PMU15_GIRLSPigeonsFlamesCC - Acton 1

Upcoming Open Schedule

Game TimeDivisionHomeAwayArena
Sun, May 26th @ 4:00 PMU15BlueCBWMAurora - LC
Sun, May 26th @ 5:00 PMU15OrangeTigersAurora - LC
Sun, May 26th @ 6:00 PMU18RenegadesBenchwarmersAurora - LC
Sun, May 26th @ 7:00 PMU18Coors LightiningTeam SqueekAurora - LC
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 4:00 PMU15BlueOrangeSARC - Toyota
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 4:15 PMU18RenegadesTeam SqueekSARC - Pfaff
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 5:00 PMU15TigersCBWMSARC - Toyota
Sun, Jun 2nd @ 5:15 PMU18BenchwarmersCoors LightiningSARC - Pfaff

2024 - WHIP Hockey 4 on 4 Leagues (runs mid April to end of June)

  • Ten week run
  • Typically weekends (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Schedule & game specifics depend on ice allocation

Traditional League (in Stouffville)

Consists of single sign ups as we build the teams to maintain a competitive balance.

  • Registration (invoiced seperately)
  • Price per skater is $370 (+HST)
  • Traditional division teams generally consist of House League, Select, AE and A caliber players.
  • The price for GOALIES is $335 (+HST)
  • Every year we have a waiting list so don't hesitate to register, as ice is always limited.
  • Any players and/or teams found stacking their team by giving false information will be removed from the league with no refund.
  • First come, first served based on registration Timestamp.

Open League (in Aurora)

Is our 'bring your best team' league! With limited ice availability in Aurora, the number of teams will be determined by interest.

  • Registration (invoiced seperately)
  • Price per Skater is $370 (+HST)
  • This league generally consists of AA and AAA caliber players.
  • Single player registrations are encouraged and will be assigned to those teams needing players.
  • To secure a team spot, you must contact me (Mark) directly (mark.watson@whiphockey.com OR 416-371-7002) to make further arrangements for your team members to register.

Girls League/Teams (Open Girls in Aurora & Traditional Girls in Stouffville)

We've always encouraged girls to register for all levels and age groups of WHIP Hockey and this year is no different.

  • All girls should register as normal in our Traditional or Open Leagues.
  • Depending on interest (via registrations) we may setup specific girls divisions
  • If a whole team is interested, please contact me (Mark) directly (mark.watson@whiphockey.com OR 416-371-7002) to make further arrangements for your team to register.

Our Principles

Entering our 15th season, WHIP 4 on 4 Hockey is a fun and friendly extension of your child's hockey season, regardless of whether you decide to organize your own squad for our OPEN ("Bring Your Best") division or just want to individually register your child for our TRADITIONAL ("Have Fun") division. 

  • Regarding '4 on 4' vs. '3 on 3' or standard '5 on 5'
    • '4 on 4' seems to be the perfect balance of team structure versus individual skill development (stick-handling/skating/passing/shooting)
    • '4 on 4' allows for larger teams than '3 on 3' which helps defer costs
  • Fun Quotient
    • Our mandate at all levels and age-groups is that 'Fun' is the most important ingredient of any league and any of our league decisions regarding operations, team balancing, discipline etc. are primarily governed by this principle
  • Length of Season
    • 10 Games is the length of the season ( 8 League + 2 Playoff )
    • Start date is determined by facility availability

Other League Details

  • Each player will receive a jersey and a pair of socks
  • Traditional teams consist of 12 skaters / 1 Goalie
  • Open teams at minimum must consist of 12 Skaters / 1 Goalie (total numbers are at the discretion of the team manager).
  • The number of teams and divisions created will (as always), be determined by enrollment numbers.
  • As per Hockey Canada, WHIP Hockey has adopted the age group nomenclature below.


Division Groupings from Hockey Canada (2024-25)

Year of Birth
Age on Dec 31, 2024
HC Cohorts
Age Divisions
2018 and earlier 6 or under Under-7 (U7) U7
2017 7 Under-9 (U9) U8
2016 8 U9
2015 9 Under-11 (U11) U10
2014 10 U11
2013 11 Under-13 (U13) U12
2012 12 U13
2011 13 Under-15 (U15) U14
2010 14 U15
2009 15 Under-18 (U18) U16
2008 16 U18
2007 17 U18
2004-2005-2006 18-19-20 Under-21 (U21) NA

League Rules and Operation/Coaching Protocols

  • All Whip Hockey is non contact 
  • All Penalties are served via "penalty shot with chasers", with all pucks being live unless the goalie holds the puck for a face off.
  • No icing rule in place
  • Offsides are called when the tag up rule isn't in play.
  • Any clear intent to injure a player results in a season suspension (Decided by WHIP Hockey Officials)
  • Fighting results in a season suspension (Decided by WHIP Hockey Officials), In addition a lifetime ban may be implemented.
  • All Referee decisions are final.
  • Shootout (Tie Breaker) Rules (no games end in a tie), best out of 3 ... If still tied, shoot out continues until a team scores ... must be a different shooter everytime until roster is exhausted, cycle will then start again.



  • We ask on Opening day that, 2 parents offer to help on the bench and in the room every week to organize the players. In the traditional league we enforce the best method for 4 on 4 hockey, which is, "Count to 4 and open the door, 4 out and 4 in", ensuring equal ice for all
  • We ask that you always make sure the goalie is present and if you are under 8 skaters, please ask when possible for players from the previous game to play again. Less than 8 makes for a less than competitive game.
  • Whip Hockey supplies pucks for the 3 min warmup. We ask that you leave the pucks on the bench for the next games.


  • To all teams without a team name (just a color or teams called team WHIP) these are teams made up from single sign ups and we ask that, 2 parents offer to help with game organization in the room and on the bench
  • To the parents who have contacted me about helping with teams please announce in the room on opening day that you are willing to coach and ask if someone is willing to help.